What’s “Off The Record” about?

This is a newsletter about emerging trends in the legal industry, and how you can capitalize on them. Over the past 13 years, I’ve had a unique vantage point to observe the many changes that have taken place in the legal ecosystem. I practiced law at a large firm, clerked for a federal judge, and sold technology on behalf of two different legal startups that successfully scaled. I also happen to have a large social media audience—over 200,000 followers—most of whom are law firm lawyers, corporate clients, or legal tech execs & founders.

Off The Record is about two major themes:

  • First, technology is changing how legal services are delivered. The legal industry is dominated by law firms that make insane amounts of money from what I call shitwork. Tech adoption has advanced quickly in recent years (e.g. cloud, AI) and alternative business models (e.g. freelance, marketplace) have disrupted incumbents.

  • Second, the ability to sell will become increasingly important. The old guard has not given up control and has resisted change as they’ve become more entrenched than ever. Meanwhile, clients have started to demand more. The only way up and comers can differentiate, is by knowing how to sell. To me, “sales” is incredibly broad, and can be external (acquiring clients) or internal (change management).

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Alex Su

Head of Community Development at Ironclad