Dec 4, 2021 • 8M

What It Was Like To Fail The Bar Exam

I've never shared my story in such detail before so of course I sat down with Bloomberg Law to tell the whole world

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Alex Su
These are excerpts from actual podcasts I've been a guest on.
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Hi friends! Over a hundred of you signed up to hear about my Year In The Wilderness. That’s a lot more than I expected so I’ll get right to work writing my story about what it was like for me in 2015 right after I got fired from my law firm job, and how it eventually led me to legal tech. But before I do that, I wanted to share this with you all.

Earlier this week, The Bloomberg Law Podcast Uncommon Law released the latest episode on its series about reforming the bar exam. They opened with me sharing my personal story of what it was like to fail the bar exam. In this excerpt, I describe what it was like to go through that experience, finding out that I failed, telling my firm, and how terrifying it was to have to bring it up to the judge I was interviewing with for a federal clerkship. Adam Allington, the host of the show, does a fantastic job helping me tell my story.

If you haven’t heard the entire episode, you have to check it out here.