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Thank You So Much For Sharing. This week I hit the one-year mark practicing law. I graduated with an LL.M. (after my foreign JD equivalent) from UC Hastings in 2010. I took and failed both NY and CA bar examS (with emphasis on plurality). I might have been in the same convention hall in Albany, NY with you in July of 2010?

Anyways, it's cringe-y to look back. The monster of imposter syndrome and feeling exposed never fails to lurk behind. Yet the career limitations resulting from my bar failures (career paralegal) aren't all a waste, in hindsight. I have been trained to be customer-service-oriented and meticulous with things going on forms and paperwork, which turn out to be crucial in my line of work: trusts and estates.

Again, thank you for being vulnerable and genuine. It is very empowering to me personally.

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