Welcome to my Substack! Seven years ago, I left the practice of law to become a legal tech salesman. Over the next five years, I successfully carried a quota selling technology to a skeptical audience of lawyers. Somewhere along the way I started creating social media content as a way to generate more conversations with potential buyers.

When the pandemic hit, I went viral among the legal community and quickly built up an audience of over 200,000 followers. Eventually I transitioned to a role at Ironclad, the leading contracts technology company, where I focus not on individual sales, but on one-to-many sales; also known as marketing and community engagement.

Part of my goal with this newsletter is to share the insights I’ve gained from understanding selling to legal, full cycle. Here are are some (free) examples of my writing:

Right now I’m in the midst of releasing premium content (for paid subscribers) about sales and business development. Topics will include how to leverage digital events, conferences, and targeted outbound calls / emails / direct messages to generate a pipeline for your business development efforts. Examples of premium content:

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For more on my unusual career journey, check out this article from the New York State Bar Association about what I do at my day job.